JuniusX (the new Junicode font)

JuniusX is a completely rebuilt version of Junicode, the font for medievalists. When complete, it will offer the full MUFI (Medieval Unicode Font Initiative, version 4.0) character set in all faces, which will include Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold and Bold weights, Condensed, Semicondensed and Regular widths, and (of course) roman and italic styles. All fonts will include an expanded set of OpenType features—for example, automated transliteration of Latin text to runic or Gothic, mirrored runes, historical ligatures (easing access to MUFI’s specialized ligatures), old-style figures, and many variant letter-shapes.

As of June 2020, the roman style is complete, with final refinement of outlines, metrics, kerning and OpenType features ongoing. The italic is about 43% complete, and development is proceeding briskly. The project is hosted on Github, where beta versions of the font can be downloaded.

Play with the many features of JuniusX by selecting a style for the box below from the drop-down menu and by selecting features. The text box is editable: type or paste in some text of your choosing to see how it will look in JuniusX.

Check out the guide to making searchable web pages with JuniusX.

Junicode/JuniusX font copyright © 1998–2020 by Peter S. Baker.

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Licensed under the Open Font License, v. 1.1.